Drought Contingency / Emergency Water Demand Mgmt Plan

To all members of RPM Water Supply Corporation, we are now in Stage One of our Emergency Water Demand Plan. All outdoor water usage shall be based on the last digit of your physical address. Watering for odd digits shall be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Watering for even digits shall be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please keep usage to a minimum and not to exceed two hours between the hours of 5 pm until 8am. We are seeking a VOLUNTARY REDUCTION in daily water demand. To review entire plan please go to RPM website under Drought Contingency.

High Water Use

To all members of RPM Water Supply please conserve water due to the forecasted coming weather conditions.  Please call in any water leaks to the office and ask for Robert Young 903 852 3115. Please leave your phone number and location of leaks.

Information on One Meter Rule

Please click below to learn more about the One Meter Rule or click on the Forms and Reports tab.  One Meter Rule....Click Here